August 1st, 2023, 9:00am EST


(ATLANTA) — OTR Solutions has launched OTR Clutch, the first and only debit card and banking solution designed exclusively for owner-operators and small and midsize business (SMB) carriers.

“We are very excited to launch OTR Clutch not only as a benefit to our clients, but to the trucking industry as a whole,” said OTR Solutions CEO, Fritz Owens. “We’ve always believed that financial inclusivity and accessibility are powerful principles we should strive for and OTR Clutch paves the way for this reality.”

The introduction of OTR Clutch is a result of the company’s continued focus on its mission to deliver exceptional value to carrier clients, regardless of market conditions. OTR delivers a banking solution with unlimited cash back on purchases, as well as an executive-like metal business debit card, fee-free overdraft protection, and interest earnings on account balances. With rising interest rates, higher operating costs, and often increased fees from or lack of access to traditional financial providers, OTR Clutch is a timely solution for truckers now more than ever.

“OTR Clutch offers a variety of benefits to cardholders, foremost among these is the ability to earn unlimited cash back on all debit card purchases,” said Owens. “This benefit will allow our customers to stretch their budget further, while participating in a system that is traditionally unavailable in our industry.”

OTR Clutch banking customers become part of a specialized financial ecosystem catering to the trucking industry, providing easy access to OTR Solutions’ suite of trucking-focused financial solutions. Paired with their well-regarded factoring solutions and fuel card, OTR Clutch offers a comprehensive end-to-end package that empowers trucking businesses with a seamless blend of user-friendly financial and operational services. This holistic approach enables companies to initiate, maintain, and grow their operations efficiently and affordably, ensuring a smooth and prosperous journey in the pursuit of trucking.

“Fundamentally, OTR Clutch represents our continued focus on bringing innovative solutions to the trucking industry,” said OTR Solutions EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Clayton Griffin. “We designed OTR Clutch with a ton of heart, and we are incredibly excited to deliver a premium product that serves our clients where they need it most, ultimately putting valuable time and money back into their pockets.”

All cardholders receive a premium, solid metal Visa card and virtual card access compatible with Apple Wallet or Google Pay. The OTR Clutch app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, features seamless mobile capabilities for cardholders to apply for the card, manage their banking, and receive customer exceptional client support.

“In an era where financial empowerment can impact the success of companies and the livelihood of small business owners, we’re making sure the trucking community can take advantage,” said Owens. Truckers can learn more and sign up to take advantage of all OTR Clutch has to offer at


About OTR Solutions

Founded in 2011, OTR Solutions provides industry-leading technology and financial services, tools, and support to help carriers start and grow a successful operation. As the first debit card designed exclusively for the trucking industry, OTR Clutch is revolutionizing the way truckers spend while on the road. OTR Solutions’ mission is to simplify the financial lives of hardworking truckers while delivering exceptional value and convenience. To learn more about OTR Clutch, please visit